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Board of Directors

Patricia Abbey

Founder and Chairperson

Pat has had a love animals since we she was a child and would drag home every wayward pet.  

She founded and operated Highlander Farms Feral Cat Sanctuary for 15 years in Grass Valley, CA, working with the city to trap, neuter and release feral cats onto her horse property.

Additionally, Pat and her husband conducted animal rescue operations during hurricane Katrina, helping the city deal with its extensive feral cat population. She is founder and chairman of VPF and resides in Incline Village. 


Karen Gotelli

Karen moved to Incline Village full time in 2016 with her husband and their two English Springer Spaniels, Katie and Tillie. Karen enjoys jogging, cooking, golf, animals and volunteering to benefit animals.


When Katie and Tillie passed, Karen adopted Gina Marie from Pet Network Humane Society. She is also a volunteer for Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation.

Janet Pahl

Janet grew up on a farm in Ohio and took care of horses, cows, goats, chickens, cats and dogs. She became interested in animal shelters when she moved to Lake Tahoe in 1979 and was on the founding board of Pet Network until Pet Network changed ownership.


Currently, Janet is on the board of Village Pet Foundation and has been appointed by IVGID to help locate a designated dog park in Incline Village.


Richard Mehl

Richard was born into a pack of hunting dogs and has been an animal lover since he was a child. He has been a resident of  Incline Village for 21 years and has trained search and rescue dogs with deputy sheriffs, operated an animal shelter, ran a boarding facility and fostered and cared for strays including birds, dogs and snakes.


Richard and his wife have 3 dogs: Cocoa, Bear and Po.

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Diane Finegan


Animals have always had a special place in Diane’s heart. After returning to the US after 28 years overseas, she attended the grand opening of Pet Network in Incline Village. She immediately signed on as a volunteer and is grateful to be living in a community that offers shelter and care to homeless animals.


She is excited the newly created Village Pet Foundation will provide financial aid to pets who need medical care in our community.

Judy Gamber

Judy has been a resident of Incline Village since 2020 and has a love for Lake Tahoe, the forest, and a passion for animals.


A volunteer for Pet Network led her to the Village Pet Foundation, an organization with the same passion for animals.


She works towards the health and well being of all pets in memory of her rescue Winston.

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