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Our Origin

Pets are very important family members. They make us happy and they comfort us.  They provide unconditional love 24/7.  When pets are in trouble – either sick or in need of care, we want to ensure pets are taken care of, even if financial challenges exist. 

Village Pet Foundation was created when one of our founders overheard a painful phone call.  A distraught pet owner was discussing with a close friend how their beloved pet had been euthanized due to a lack of funds. With tears streaming down her face, she shared that she was unable to pay for the necessary vet care and lost her family member.  

Hearing that heart-breaking phone conversation, a spark of an idea came to her.  What if an organization could help defray vet care costs for people who weren’t financially able to pay those bills?  What if an organization could help pet families in our community? 


Village Pet Foundation was created so that hopefully this type of situation never happens again. We are proud to serve the Lake Tahoe Basin community to ultimately provide financial assistance to those that can’t afford vital care for their pets.

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