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What We Do

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Financial Grants

We will help families and individuals who are struggling financially to pay for veterinary bills for their sick or suffering pets. 


Financial grants will help pay for vet services to an at-need pet family within the Lake Tahoe Basin – in both California and Nevada.  The payments will go directly to the participating vets and may cover part or all of the vet bill, depending on the grant amount.

Veterinary Referrals

We work closely with a network of vets who will be able to provide information about Village Pet Foundation financial grants. To get our help, you contact your vet and ask for a referral to us.


We are working now to build our network and will publish a list of participating vets soon. We will provide each vet with information that allows them to determine if and how Village Pet Foundation can help. 

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To be eligible for a grant, your pet’s care will need to fall into one of these initial categories: 

  • Is the injury or illness life-threatening to your pet?

  • Will the care help to extend the life of your pet?

  • Will your pet’s life be diminished in anyway without care?

Your vet will make a diagnosis of your pet and once the care and fees are determined they will discuss payment options.  These options may include: ability to pay, pay through insurance, CARES repayment plan.  If none of these are a good match for the pet owner, the vet will refer you to us.

Grant Approval

The vet will give you a Village Pet Foundation (VPF) online form to complete that will describe the type of care needed, the financial status of the pet owner and location of pet owner.  If the care is eligible a financial grant of an amount to be determined will be approved. 


Over time as we grow and as our fundraising efforts increase, we will consider funding other types of vet care as well. 

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